How to Custom Design Firefox

31 Mar

Firefox is one of the most customizable browsers available to today’s internet users. Firefox strikes many internet users as bland when they first install it and it is true that the browser doesn’t have many bells and whistles initially. There are, though, a number of easy ways that you can transform Firefox into your ideal web browser.

Themes Galore

You can select from thousands of different themes for the Firefox browser. Some themes are fairly simple and may only change the color of your browser window. If you are looking for a clean, minimal theme these might be great for you. However, there are also a myriad of choices for users who want more over-the-top themes. See the Mozilla Firefox Free Download. Some themes have one-of-a-kind scroll bars and icons in addition to the browser skin.

Using these themes, you can change your Firefox browser until it completely appeals to your sense of style. Themes are not difficult to install or to remove from your computer. You simply need to go to the Firefox website and browse the themes gallery. There is no limit as to how many themes you can download at one time. Then, simply go to the Add-Ons folder to see all of your new themes.

If you want to see what a particular theme looks like, simply choose it from your collection and relaunch Firefox. You can easily delete any theme from your Add-Ons folder if you decide you detest certain options. It is important to keep in mind that if you are using a version of Firefox that isn’t compatible with your theme, it won’t work correctly.

Add-Ons and Extras

Firefox is incredibly well-liked amongst computer users because its add-on shop features something for everyone. There are a vast array of tools that Firefox users can download, from organizational features that will organize all of the blogs you read to applications that automatically display your city’s weather on the side of your browser. Some tools are just for fun, as well.

Personalizing the Toolbar

Every computer user has tools and applications that he or she uses often, but may not be popular amongst other people. Check the Download Firefox Free. For this reason, Firefox allows its users to customize their tool bars easily. All that Firefox users need to do is drag and drop their favorite tools into the toolbar and an icon will appear.

Firefox offers a variety of other advantages alongside its customization choices, but they are a significant benefit for many users. If you haven’t even used Firefox, you should try it today. You may decide that you never want to use another browser again.


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